Top 10 Falcons: Class of 2021

Falcon logo with graduate cap

In recognition of their outstanding academic careers, the top 10 graduating seniors from Albany High School’s Class of 2021 continued the tradition of “climbing to new heights” atop the building. The students and their next destinations are (L-R by academic rank in the group photo):

  1. Onovu Otitigbe-Dangerfield; Harvard University
  2. Chai Kam; University at Albany
  3. Suzanne Penna; Williams College
  4. Noah Graber; Johns Hopkins University
  5. Noah Levine; University at Albany
  6. Erika Bopp; University of Vermont
  7. Sarah Bearden; Columbia University
  8. Maura Mulholland; Barnard College
  9. Hailey Krasnikov; Harvard University
  10. Edith DeRosa-Purcell; Northeastern University

Congratulations to these high-achieving and high-flying Falcons!

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