CDTA info for Albany High

Students getting off a CDTA bus at school.

Information about CDTA tripper buses for Albany High School is now available in our Transportation section – scroll down to “CDTA tripper info” under “Additional resources.”

Information includes downloadable route descriptions as well as a route brochure/map. 

CDTA tripper buses that serve Albany High are designated route #805. Tripper service for Albany High will begin Wednesday, Sept. 8 with the first full day of school. Students may access regular CDTA routes for the orientation days this Thursday and Friday.

You can visit the CDTA website for more information about all routes and to find the best route to get to Albany High or wherever you need to go.

All students -- eligible or not -- can ride CDTA to and from school for free and without a pass through Friday, Sept. 17. After that grace period, only students with activated student IDs/swipers will be able to ride for free. 

Students may use their activated student ID/swiper to access the entire CDTA system throughout the school year, which includes all regular routes as well as tripper buses.

Please note that masks will be required for all individuals on CDTA buses, regardless of vaccination status.

If you have questions about the schedule for CDTA tripper buses or regular routes, please contact CDTA at (518) 482-8822. If you have any general busing questions, please contact our Transportation Department at (518) 475-6170.

Have a great school year!