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Albany High Theater Ensemble

The arts make a tremendous impact on developmental growth and help to level the learning field across socio-economic boundaries. Students develop critical thinking, craftsmanship, quality task performance, goal setting, teamwork, communication skills, flexibility, imagination, and confidence needed for the classroom and beyond. Problem-solving in the demanding, creative, and collaborative world of the theatre gives our participants skills sought by today’s business community.

And here in Albany High's Theater Ensemble program, we strive to foster unity across culture, social class and identity groups in our richly diverse student body. Students form a family of inclusiveness, which enables them to make lasting bonds with peers who are different from them, and fosters a sense of joy in celebrating diversity.

Upcoming shows

Stay tuned for our 2024-45 line up!

Interested in supporting our program?

In addition to our dedicated theater budget and ticket sales, our program relies on the continued support of our community. In addition to the partners listed above, donations and support from individuals and businesses make an enormously positive impact on our program. Your continued support allows to do many things, including:

  • Hire professional guest artists, whose guidance and artistry lead to networking and skill building
  • Purchase and repair inventory and tools during the season, after school resources have already been allocated
  • Provide transportation to live professional theater performances
  • Provide scholarships to graduating seniors who have made the Theater Arts Program their home

To learn more or become a sponsor, please contact:

Brian Avery

Brian Avery

Theater Teacher

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