Pizza delivery now part of the job for district employee

Home School Coordinator John Scott delivers pizza during pandemic closure.

John Scott isn’t letting a pandemic get in the way of his promise of pizza.

The last three Wednesdays Scott, who is the home school coordinator at Eagle Point Elementary, has delivered 25 pizzas to district families. He rewards students who are logging in and completing their work on Google Classroom and also drops them off at the homes of families he knows could use the help during these difficult times. 

“I’m extremely close to my kids and I worry about them,” Scott explains.

Scott is also the co-founder of 4th Family, an after-school enrichment and support program that serves Philip J. Schuyler Achievement Academy and Giffen Memorial Elementary, so families from those schools have also received a surprise Wednesday pizza delivery.

“Even though it’s only for a few seconds, dropping off the pizzas provides me with the opportunity to see the kids and put a smile on their faces. It lets them know we will get through this.”

Prior to the NY PAUSE order, Domino’s in Delmar committed to donating 100 pizzas to 4th Family. The Delaware Avenue restaurant followed through on the gift, despite the change in circumstances and Scott believes the timing was perfect for the challenging situation the world, country, state and city are facing.

“I think this shows our community that the City School District of Albany truly is ‘All in for Albany.’”