Important health and safety update for families

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The City School District of Albany would like to make families aware of a potentially harmful social media “challenge” that has caused medical problems for students locally and nationally.

The “One Chip Challenge” dares an individual to eat just one chip from the tortilla chip company Paqui. The chip, which comes in an individual, coffin-shaped package, is flavored with Carolina Reaper and Scorpion peppers, two of the world’s hottest varieties.

The challenge is to eat the chip and see how long you can go without eating or drinking anything.

The high level of active ingredient in the peppers – capsaicin – can cause several hours of mouth irritation, pain or burning, vomiting and intestinal discomfort. In some cases, capsaicin also can cause chest pain, heart palpitations and heart attacks. 

Should behavioral infractions, including but not limited to bullying or intimidation, be connected to this activity at school, we will follow the Student of Conduct as necessary. 

Please talk with your children at home about the potentially harmful consequences of eating this chip and participating in social media challenges. For more information, you can visit the National Capital Poison Center website.