Scientists showcase their smarts

Student scientist pours liquid into a bottle

At the Hackett Middle School Science Fair on Thursday, some 110 scientists grappled with issues ranging from “How Does Increasing Carbon Dioxide Affect Temperature?” to “What Bowl Does My Dog Eat Fastest With?” to “Which Food Will Collect the Most Bacteria in Five Seconds?” to “What Amount of Borax Makes a Ball Bounce Best?”

And so much more.

The up-and-coming Einsteins and budding Bohrs competed for berths in the citywide Joseph Henry Science Fair, scheduled March 20 at The College of Saint Rose. Congratulations to the following students, whose projects were selected to compete. They are:
•    Gabriel Cruz
•    Maggie Cruz
•    Gavin Fitzpatrick
•    Maia Gallagher
•    Renee Geraghty
•    Ethan Goldberg
•    Xavier Lopez
•    Anya Miller
•    Gloria Qylafi

Great job by all students who took part!

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