Additional positions added for fourth quarter

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William S. Hackett Middle School will add 9.9 new staff positions during the fourth quarter as the City School District of Albany begins to strategically rebuild its staffing and programs.

The new positions at Hackett during the fourth quarter will include:

  • 3 math teachers
  • 2 English and reading interventionists (teachers that provide additional academic support to students in both English and reading)
  • 2 reading teachers
  • 1.5 social workers
  • 1 behavior specialist
  • A part-time (0.4) music teacher to be shared with Stephen and Harriet Myers Middle School

These 9.9 positions are among 93.8 that the district is reinstating during the fourth quarter, which begins April 26. The new positions are in addition to the six positions added to Hackett during the third quarter. All the positions support continued expansion of in-person opportunities for general education students in grades 7-12.

In September, Hackett positions were among the 215.6 the district reduced when faced with the possibility of a 20% reduction in state aid due to the COVID-19 economic crisis.

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