Sisters scoop art and literacy contest

Zora Miller stands in front of mural

A pair of sisters won first and second place in a citywide contest celebrating public art and literacy!

Delaware Community School third-grader Zora S. Miller and William S. Hackett Middle School seventh-grader Anya Miller took part in the “1,000 Words for $1,000 Contest” sponsored by the RED Bookshelf, Albany Barn and the Albany Center Gallery.

The contest challenged young people to visit one of the Capital Walls murals located throughout Albany and write a 1,000-word essay about what it means to them.

First-place winner Zora (pictured here) chose and wrote about “Geraldine’s Reverie,” located along Clinton Avenue off-ramp from I-787 and across from the north side of the Quackenbush Garage. The mural is by Liz Zunon. You can read Zora’s essay here.

Second-place winner Anya chose and wrote about “Illuminated,” located in the Green-Hudson parking garage. The mural is by Cara Hanley. You can read Anya’s essay here.

Contest sponsors will be holding an awards ceremony/meet-and-greet with the artists on Saturday at 2 p.m. in the Albany Barn. At that time, Zora will receive first prize – a check for $1,000 – and Anya will receive second prize – a laptop.

Congratulations to the sisters for their writing talents and artistic sensibilities!