Hackett eighth graders move up!

Student, with three women, holds moving up certificate

In a ceremony both lighthearted and solemn, William S. Hackett Middle School recognized more than 200 eighth graders Friday in a moving up ceremony.

The ceremony was dedicated to Tea’Shawn Walker, a Hackett student who died in April.
Walker played on the Hackett basketball team; Hackett retired his number and presented his family with his #4 jersey attended and a moving up certificate in his name.

There were less serious moments: a TikTok video featuring Hackett faculty and staff dancing, speeches by students and teachers, and the presentation of moving up certificates. All accompanied by cheers and laughter from the packed auditorium.

Congratulations to the newest group of high school freshmen!

You can see a Facebook photo album from the ceremony. (You don't need a Facebook account to see the pictures linked in the highlighted text. A window may appear that says, “To see more from Albany City Schools on Facebook, log on or create an account,” but you can dismiss it by clicking “not now.”)