Safety update for families

Superintendent Kaweeda G. Adams

I am writing to inform you that the Albany Police Department is investigating an incident involving a 12-year-old boy that occurred earlier this week on South Manning Boulevard.

The student reported to police that on Monday, Oct. 28 at about 3:30 p.m., an unknown man approached him while the student was walking on South Manning near Linden Road. The student reported that the suspect attempted to engage with him in a sexual manner, but the student immediately ran away, told an adult and the police were called.

Police are searching for a suspect. Investigators ask anyone with information to call the Albany Police Department Detective Division at (518) 462-8039.

The safety of all of our students is a top priority throughout the City School District of Albany. We ask parents and guardians to review the following safety tips with the entire family. These tips are intended to keep students safe anytime they are out in the community without adult supervision.

  • NEVER WALK ALONE – Walk with a family member, an older student or with a group of students.
  • DO NOT TALK TO STRANGERS – If approached by a stranger RUN immediately to the nearest store or crossing guard and tell an adult about it.
  • COME TO SCHOOL ON TIME – Sometimes being late is unavoidable. Parents and guardians, on those occasions please escort your children into the building and be certain of their safe arrival.
  • WALK AGAINST TRAFFIC SO YOU CANNOT BE FOLLOWED – It takes time for a driver to turn around and it will give you a head start.
  • SPEAK UP, SPEAK OUT! – If you have had something happen to you, have had an experience or seen something that made you feel uncomfortable or scared, or if you have information, tell your parents or school officials immediately.


Signature of Superintendent Kaweeda G. Adams

Kaweeda G. Adams