Plenty of kindergarten thanks

Group of masked students holding their turkey art projects

Wanda Carter’s kindergarten students at New Scotland Elementary are thankful for their classmates because they are kind, nice and smart – among other things.

Each kindergartener read what they had written about a randomly picked classmate in a special virtual presentation for their parents on Tuesday. Each also showed a picture they drew and colored of the chosen classmate and themselves.

In addition, the kids showed off their Thanksgiving turkey artwork and sported Thanksgiving-themed hats; on both, students had written about what they were thankful for (mom, dad, my family and dogs were among the contenders). Once the presentation ended, they had snacks on their handmade Thanksgiving placemats with sight words on them.

Take a look at a Facebook photo album from their presentation. (You don’t need a Facebook account to see the pictures. A window may appear that says, "To see more from Albany City Schools on Facebook, log on or create an account,” but you can dismiss it by clicking “not now.”)