Student scientists show off their knowledge

Student points at a Promethian Board

Future Fermis and developing deGrasse Tysons at New Scotland Elementary School showed off their knowledge of the scientific method (and technology!) on Thursday at the school science fair.

Pictured here are fifth-graders in Kelly Smith’s class, but all district fifth-graders are taking part in school science fair. Top projects selected by judges will go to the citywide Joseph Henry Science Fair on March 22.

At New Scotland Elementary, students spent over a month researching a topic of their choice, proposed a question about the topic, came up with a hypothesis and conducted experiments to see if their hypothesis was correct. Study subjects ranged from the best drinking water to the most absorbent material to the microwave popcorn that produces the most kernels.

New Scotland fifth-graders prepared and demonstrated the outcome of their research on a variety of technology platforms, and presented their findings to the class and a panel of judges. They also answered questions about their projects.

Take a look at some photos from Smith’s class presentations. (You don't need a Facebook account to see the photos linked in the highlighted text. A window may appear that says, "To see more from Albany City Schools on Facebook, log on or create an account,” but you can dismiss it by clicking “not now.”)