World language selection underway for sixth-grade students

City School District of Albany

The following is an important message from the district's World Language Instructional Supervisor, Michael Elliott:

In advance of the 2021-22 school year, we are asking current sixth-grade students to identify their choice for a World Language class. Next year, across the district, seventh graders can enroll in French, Spanish or Chinese (which will be a virtual offering). Our middle school guidance counselors have sent request forms, along with language selection instructions, to all sixth graders. Please note: this is an important decision since students will continue on with the same language at Albany High School. Please take some time at home to discuss what language your child would prefer.

If your child feels strongly about a language of study, s/he should indicate and justify the reason.  Citing “I like French” or “I like Spanish” is not considered a well-thought out justification. Examples of more reasoned justifications include, but are not limited to, personal/family experience with the language, interest in the cultural aspects of countries where the language is spoken or potential career aspirations that include speaking a world language.

We will make every effort to accommodate student preference but please understand that we have limited numbers of classes and seats in each language. In order to balance the class sizes for the languages offered, we may have to place students in a language that was not their first choice. 

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact the appropriate district employee listed below:

  • Mike Elliott (World Language Instructional Supervisor):
  • Shedaya McQueen (North Albany Middle School):
  • Markeith Brown (Hackett Middle School):
  • Dorraine Watson (Hackett Middle School):
  • Ellen Green (Myers Middle School):
  • Kristy Koldis (Myers Middle School):