Progress report update from Principal Piper

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You should have received the following message in the mail. If not, please contact the North Albany Middle School front office at 518.475.6800:

Education is a partnership between school and home. As we work with our scholars to help them learn about the world around them through district curriculum, we very much appreciate the support that parents give their children outside of school hours as they strive to reach their academic goals and follow school expectations.

The student progress reports provided in this mailing will provide you with an opportunity to gauge the progress your scholar is currently making. The first quarter ends on Nov. 5 so if your scholar is currently not meeting success in their classes, they still have time to get in sync and make gains before the end of the semester.

A miss of missing assignments is listed in students’ Google Classrooms. Please also make sure they are bringing their Chromebooks every day, charged and ready to go. Many of their assignments are given via Google Classroom and Chromebooks are essential in helping them to complete their tasks.

In addition, beginning Monday, all students will be assigned lockers and the expectation is that all of their belongings (coats, backpacks, jackets, etc.) will be stored there. We will also require that upon arrival, ALL students must store their personal electronic devices in their lockers for the duration of the school day.  Students will have access to their devices again at dismissal.

Should a parent/guardian need to get a message to their child, please call the main office and we will ensure they receive the message. In the case of an emergency, the office will call your child’s classroom directly. If a student needs to reach a parent/guardian during the school day, they will be permitted to access the telephone in the main office.

We understand that cell phones have become an essential part of life in the 21st century.  As a school, we recognize the essential communication link between parent and child.  Please know that your child’s well-being is our number one priority. 

Again, I am honored to serve as your principal. Success is our only option and I need your full support in order for all of our children to get there. I welcome any questions you may have regarding the new school year. Please email or call (518) 475-6800. Thank you for joining us in being #allinforalbany.

As always, we appreciate your consideration and support.