Outdoor learning grows at NAMS

Students plant fruit trees at North Albany Middle School.

They’ve only been in the building for a month but the sixth-grade class is already making a mark at North Albany Middle School!

Under the guidance of a consummate community partner, the Vegetable Project, students, staff and volunteers started a small fruit tree orchard and perennial planting. The hands-on activities also include soil testing and the start to an indoor garden.

The Vegetable Project, which already has roots at Stephen and Harriet Myers Middle School and Albany High School, operates under the belief that exposure to nature supports wellbeing and in turn supports child development and academic success.

The seven-tree Friendship Orchard, an homage to Delaware Community School’s Friendship Garden, aims to convey goodwill and peace to North Albany Middle School and its neighbors.

Thank you to the countless volunteers who made Wednesday’s event a success – we appreciate you!

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