Congratulations Principal Corniel!

Pine Hills Elementary School principal Tia Corniel.

The Capital Area Principals and Supervisors Association (CAPSA) named Pine Hills Elementary School Principal Tia Corniel the Administrator of the Year for her curricular vision, innovation and school, district and community involvment and leadership. 

"I believe this honor is a representation of the hard work of all administrators in Albany. I have colleagues who are equally deserving," said Corniel.

"I will continue to work to deserve the recognition. I am grateful for the incredible leadership of our Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education, Dr. Cecily Wilson-Turner, and her support for Pine Hills Elementary. I am also grateful for the leadership of the staff at Pine Hills. Every person in our school community finds a place or space to lead and their leadership makes me a stronger leader of our building."

Corniel is one of five administrators, from around the state, who will be recognized at the Empire State Supervisors and Administrators Association (ESSAA) banquet on May 20.

"Principal Corniel demonstrates, every day, an incredible dedication to the students, staff, families and neighborhood of Pine Hills Elementary School," said Michele Bridgewater, president of the district's administrators' union.

Corniel was appointed to her current position at the beginning of the 2018-19 school year. Prior to that, she worked as an assistant principal for a year at Edmund J. O'Neal Middle School of Excellence and came to the district with five years of education leadership experience.

Thank you, Principal Corniel, for leading by example, building culture and advancing learning so that everyone, students and staff at Pine Hills Elementary School, can achieve success.