Exceptional student Jude Caton

TOAST calendar student Jude Caton

Congratulations to fifth-grader Jude Caton, who proudly represents TOAST in the district's 2019-20 wall calendar.

Jude was recognized at a special reception on Oct. 2.

Jude is a well-rounded student who excels academically. He is involved in numerous school activities such as chorus, orchestra, Garden Club, Lego Club and our musical. He was a TOAST finalist in the 2019 Science Fair, had art featured in the District Art Show and was a physical education student of the month.

Jude enjoys coding and using the flight simulators and virtual goggles in TOAST’s computer lab. He always accepts any challenge that he is given and is a great friend and role model. TOAST is proud to recognize Jude Caton as a student of excellence in this year’s calendar.