Equity Metrics

The content on this page is being developed to measure the City School District of Albany's effectiveness in achieving our goal of providing equitable opportunities and outcomes for all of our scholars.

Category 1: Equitable Student Academic Success

Indicator: Evidence that racial disparities in student success are narrowing

Category 2: Equitable Student Success Beyond Academics

Indicator: Evidence that racial disparities in non-academic measures of student success are narrowing

Category 3: Equitable Improvements to Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development

Indicator: Evidence that research-based strategies to reduce racial disparities are incorporated in curriculum and instruction

Category 4: Equitable Resource Distribution

Indicator: Evidence that human and fiscal resources are being distributed equitably

Category 5: Success in Equitable Hiring and Retention

Indicator: Evidence that hiring and retention practices and efforts are in place to facilitate the workforce demographics becoming more reflective of the student body

Category 6: Success in Equitable Student and Family Engagement

Indicator: Evidence that racial barriers to effective family engagement are falling

Category 7: Success in Equitable Community Engagement

Indicator: Evidence that partnerships with Albany’s diverse community are being implemented equitably