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Smart Scholars

Photo of Leah Evans

Leah Evans


Smart Scholars is a New York State grant-funded program for students whose average is in the range of 75 to 90. Students apply for and are accepted into Smart Scholars at the end of grade 8 or the beginning of grade 9.

Smart Scholars students are expected to earn 24 college credits by the end of grade 12 through the University in the High School (UHS) program at Albany High. Students can also access Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Both UHS and AP support students as they prepare for college. 

All Smart Scholars students are expected to enroll in the AVID elective class that will support and prepare students for college-level courses both in high school and college. Tutoring is a part of the AVID course, as are access to college speakers, college tours and preparation in the skills necessary to be successful in college. 

The grant is geared toward students who are historically underrepresented in advanced courses or students who may be the first in their families to potentially attend college. However, all are welcome to apply.

Students should see their school counselor for more information.