Student smiling at their desk.

Honors and Accelerated Classes

The City School District of Albany strives to challenge all students to reach their full potential and embrace rigorous coursework. It is our goal to assure that all middle-school students have ongoing opportunities to succeed in demanding classes.

In general, students who meet the following criteria will be recommended for honors and accelerated courses:

  • State Assessment Performance Level of 2 (raw score at/above median), 3, 4;
  • NWEA MAP at or above the 50th percentile; and
  • Course averages at or above 80.

Honors classes usually cover the same content and skills as general classes but at a faster pace and with more challenging work. Accelerated classes, on the other hand, lead to or are high-school classes that students take in middle school.

Placement in honors and accelerated classes can be appealed to the building principal on or before the first day of school.