Group photo of the City School District of Albany's Board of Education.

Board of Education

The board typically meets twice a month, on the first and third Thursdays. The board's responsibilities and duties are derived from the State Constitution, the laws of New York and the rulings of the New York state commissioner of education.

The board's main responsibilities are to:

  • Establish district policies;
  • Develop an annual budget for public approval;
  • Approve or disapprove the superintendent's recommendations on personnel matters and contracts;
  • Review courses of study and textbooks; and
  • Act as a communication link between residents and the superintendent.
  • Other duties include defining the district's philosophy, setting goals to achieve academic objectives, planning for future needs and authorizing certain contracts.

The district is committed to the belief that an effective school program can only be accomplished by nurturing a partnership between the schools and the community.

Decisions made by your elected school board affect the education of our children and, therefore, the well-being of this community. Your school board can best represent its constituents when members of the community take the time to observe the board in action, express their opinions, ask questions and communicate their wishes in the public setting. Your continued interest and support will guarantee the excellence of our schools.

The City School District of Albany Board of Education welcomes input from district residents, parents, students and other stakeholders. Community involvement at board meetings is encouraged so that we can better understand your views.

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In addition to our regular meetings, the Board of Education also operates several committees which help guide the work of our district. Members of the public are welcome to attend any and all of these committee meetings.

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The City School District of Albany Board of Education is made up of seven non-paid citizens of Albany who are each elected to serve a four-year term. New York law does not limit the number of terms a board member serves. If you are interested in running for the board, please follow these links for additional information for prospective board candidates. You also can contact the board clerk for more information at (518) 475-6015.

JAN 23

Anticipated executive session at 5:30 p.m.


Board Policy Committee meeting

5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

FEB 13

Anticipated executive session at 5:30 p.m.