Two propositions also on the May 17 ballot

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In addition to the 2022-23 budget proposal, Albany voters also will be asked to consider two additional school district propositions May 17.

Proposition #2 would authorize the district to complete $10.1 million in energy upgrades through an energy performance contract, or EPC. Proposition #3 would allow the district to purchase three small plots of land in Arbor Hill for a playground and recreational space for Edmund J. O’Neal School of Excellence.

Neither of these proposals would have any additional impact on taxes.

Proposition #2

This proposition would authorize the district to conduct up to $10.1 million in facilities projects to increase energy efficiency at four schools. 

The entire cost of this work would be paid for by state building aid and energy savings the district would realize over 18 years through an energy performance contract with Day Automation. 

An EPC is a financial tool used to pay for facility upgrades with future energy savings, without impacting an organization’s budget. An EPC constitutes a partnership between an organization and an energy service company – in this proposal, between the district and Day Automation. 

The district’s contract with Day would guarantee energy savings that would pay for the portion of the work not covered by state building aid. The entire cost of the work would be paid for after 16 years, with the final two years of energy savings under the contract with Day also guaranteed to the district. 

The facilities projects to increase energy efficiency would be at Albany School of Humanities (ASH), Arbor Hill Elementary School, Stephen and Harriet Myers Middle School, and William S. Hackett Middle School. 

The work would include HVAC and electrical upgrades, lighting improvements and solar installation.

Proposition #3

This proposition would allow the district to purchase three plots of land for the construction of a new playground and additional recreational space at O’Neal, which is located at 50 Lark St. and is home to the Albany International Center and Dual Language programs.

The total cost of all three parcels would be no more than $1,800 plus closing costs. The district would purchase the parcels from the Albany County Land Bank. 

Two are located at the corner of Lark and Third streets, and would be used for the playground. Construction costs for the playground are included in the district’s budget proposal for next year. 

The third parcel is behind the school on Second Street and would be used for outdoor recreational space in the future.