COVID-19 testing for students

In an effort to be prepared for COVID-19 testing for students when necessary this school year, the City School District of Albany is asking all families to pre-register their students in our new testing system.

The district is partnering with Quadrant Biosciences and SUNY Upstate Medical University to use a saliva pool test. This very simple and painless COVID-19 test involves a saliva swab that the students can easily do themselves by swirling the swab inside their mouth (see the "Video resources" section of this page for a look at the procedure). There is no nasal swab used in this testing.

Families are required to pre-register before students can participate in COVID-19 testing. Please note that you can register multiple student profiles under each account.

Video resources

When will testing occur?

The district currently is testing pre-registered students at individual schools on an as-needed basis when the level of COVID-19 cases has an impact on daily building operations. 

Pre-registering your student also will allow the option to have symptomatic students tested at school as a convenience for families instead of having to schedule a testing appointment elsewhere. The district also is preparing for the possibility of weekly district-wide testing. 

In every case, parents or guardians must pre-register students for them to be eligible.

When testing occurs, results will be available in 24-48 hours. Parents and guardians will be able to access the results by logging back into your account at

This information will help the district monitor the status of COVID-19 transmission in all of our buildings, and make determinations about daily instruction and the health and safety of all students and employees. 

Thank you in advance for your partnership in this effort as we continue to work together to manage the impact of the pandemic on our students’ educational experience. 

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Suzanne McCarthy

Health Coordinator