Reminder: SNN retiring in June

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This is a reminder that SchoolMessenger will be replacing School News Notifier (SNN) at the end of the 2020-21 school year. 

We will begin to minimize our use of SNN during May in continued preparation for the transition.

Beginning June 1, the only messages sent through SNN will be reminders that it will no longer be operational as of July 1, and encouraging users to make sure they are situated with SchoolMessenger.

For district families, SchoolMessenger pulls phone numbers and emails directly from our student information database, so the only action required is to make sure current contact information is on file in our student database. Your school can help you if you need to add or change any contact info.

You can also easily opt in to receive text alerts by texting “Y” or “Yes” to 67587 (again, as long as that number is currently on file in our student database).

All stakeholders can also create a SchoolMessenger account, which allows for customizable preferences, including which types of information you would like to receive and how, as well as adding additional phone and email contacts. Community members without children enrolled in the district will need to actively create an account in order to continue receiving updates after June 30.

To learn more about SchoolMessenger, please visit the SchoolMessenger section of our site.