SchoolMessenger: Alerts and Updates

SchoolMessenger provides options for parents and guardians, employees and community members to receive news and updates in a variety of categories, including each school, general district news (including Board of Education news), weather-related and other emergency updates, and athletics. We also use SchoolMessenger to connect with parents and guardians for automated attendance calls. 

Parents and guardians are automatically be enrolled to receive emergency updates as well as district news and updates from the school or schools their children attend. Parents and guardians also can create a SchoolMessenger account to manage your preferences for how you receive updates (phone, text and/or email), and to update your preferences to include an additional "athletics" category.

Parents and guardians, please make sure we have your current email, and home and cell phone numbers, on file in schooltool, whether or not you wish to make a SchoolMessenger account. If you are unsure whether we have your current email, please contact your child's school. For more information, please review the "additional information" section below, as well as the individual instruction pages for families, staff and community members.

The SchoolMessenger platform is slightly different for families, community and staff. Please select your user group below to learn more and sign up.

SchoolMessenger replaced School News Notifier (SNN), which was retired in June 2021.