Learning the language, building an argument

Teacher stands between two students working at their desks

The English-language learners in Hannah Krengel's English 11 classes at Albany International Center interviewed Free Food Fridge Albany founder Jammella Anderson on Wednesday, as part of a lesson that combines developing an argument with understanding food insecurity. 

Anderson’s visit to the two classes comes on the heels of students learning the vocabulary of argument, food insecurity, and food access, as well as simulating what it’s like to buy food on a fixed income. At the same time, the students are learning and researching in order to develop their own opinions about whether or not everyone in a community should have access to healthy food.

Krengel's students grilled Anderson about everything from their reason for starting Free Food Fridge Albany (which provides free, nutritious food that people can pick up from refrigerators in Albany, Troy, and Schenectady) to the biggest challenges of their job. 

Ultimately, students will write an essay that answers the question, “Should all people in a community have access to healthy food?” Anderson’s answer to that question? “I don’t think – I KNOW everyone deserves to have healthy free food.” 

The students were so impressed with Anderson’s work that several said they want to help Free Food Fridge Albany. 

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