Exceptional student Nigel Eversley

Delaware calendar student Nigel Eversley

Congratulations to fourth grader Nigel Eversley, who proudly represents Delaware Community School in the district's 2019-20 wall calendar.

Nigel was recognized at a special reception on Oct. 2.

Nigel is an enthusiastic and motivated learner. From the first day of school, Nigel impressed his teachers with his ability to be articulate about difficult ideas and his passion for reading, writing, math, and creative expression -- both in and out of the classroom.

Nigel is an active participant in class discussions, and he always supports his peers. His caring nature and personality allow him to work well with others in a team setting, and he always respects others' opinions even when they different from his own. Nigel’s cheerful nature and openness to feedback means he's always learning and growing, an impressive strength that will continue to serve him well in college and beyond.

Delaware Community School is proud to recognize Nigel Eversley as a student of excellence in this year’s calendar.