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Magnet elementary choices

A magnet school or program focuses instruction on a particular theme and incorporates that theme across all subject areas. Each magnet school or program is open to children citywide and enrolled by two random lotteries: one for prekindergarteners and one for older students. All are enrolled by a lottery and open to children throughout the city.

Albany School of Humanities (ASH)

Pre-K through 6th grade

ASH strives to educate all students to be lifelong learners, capable decision-makers and contributors to their local and global community. ASH views education through a humanities lens, meaning students learn through lessons in art, music, theater and visual arts. This focus is incorporated daily into all subject areas.

Dual Language Program

Pre-K through 5th grade

This unique program at Delaware Community School offers an elementary education in English and Spanish. Each class covers a regular elementary curriculum, but students study in both languages with fully bilingual teachers. The week is divided equally between lessons presented in Spanish and lessons presented in English. The magnet lottery for the Dual Language Program is open to:

Children whose main language is English: those who will enter kindergarten or grade 1 in September

Children whose main language is Spanish: those who will enter kindergarten through grade 5 in September

Montessori Magnet School

Pre-K through 5th grade

The Montessori philosophy on education gives equal value to the teacher and student. Our work focuses on the use of the five senses, hands-on learning and developing within students the ability to self-regulate while taking ownership of their own learning. The triangle of true learning is evident between the child, the teacher and the environment.

Thomas O'Brien Academy of Science and Technology (TOAST)

Pre-K through 6th grade

At TOAST, learning involves curiosity, observation, problem-solving, inquiry, creativity and discovery, allowing students to build their own understanding of the world and how its parts fit together. The school's STEAM -- science, technology, engineering, arts and math -- theme is reinforced with specialized instruction in the state-of-the art computer lab, the dedicated science room and an outdoor pavilion and geologic rock park.

Admission to Albany's magnet schools is done through two random lotteries -- one for prekindergarten, and one for grades kindergarten through 5 or 6, depending on the school. Both lotteries require applications. Families are asked to select their top four choices.

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