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Pre-K 3 lottery and registration

Applications are now available for our 2024-25 pre-K 3 lottery!

Applications must be received by May 31, 2024 in order to be included in the June 12, 2024 lottery drawing. Applications received after that time will be processed based on availability.

Our pre-K 3 programs are offered in locations throughout the city. A child must be 3 on or before Dec. 1 of the enrolling school year to qualify for a pre-K 3 program. 

Children must be residents of the City of Albany to enroll in our pre-K programs.

Please note that pre-K 3 registration is a two part process.

Step 1: Apply for a seat

You can apply at any time, however, we encourage families to apply through the pre-k 3 lottery held each year. Applications recieved outside the annual lottery window will be processed based on availability. Once you have completed an application, the district will send an official notification by mail and email to the addresses you provided. You will receive one of three letters: an acceptance letter, a waiting-list letter or a waiting-pool letter.

Prefer a hard copy? You can download a print application here.

Step 2: Accept an awarded seat and register

If you are awarded a seat and receive an acceptance notification, you must then register your child to officially accept the seat you have been offered. 

Please note that for community-based programs, you will also need to complete registration paperwork for the organization running the program.

Program locations

Our pre-K 3 program is offered at the locations listed below. These locations also offer our pre-K 4 program. Please note that transportation is not provided for any pre-K program.

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