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Lottery information

Enrollment in our magnet and pre-K programs is done primarily through annual lotteries.

These lotteries are designed to ensure equitable access for all families to three of our elementary program areas: our magnet programs, our pre-K 4 program and our pre-K 3 program. This page is inteneded to provide additional information on the mechanics of the lotteries.

Please note that registration for all magnet and pre-K programs is a two-step process.

Once you are awarded a seat, you must complete the registration process to officially accept and enroll your child.

What are the lotteries?

Magnet and pre-K 4 lottery

Pre-K 3 lottery

How do the lotteries work?

Deciding your choices in the lotteries may be affected by the location and start/end times of the program or school, whether you have other school-age children, whether additional child care is offered and other personal preferences. However, certain other factors go into play in the lottery that will influence your child’s eventual assignment. 

Applying outside the lottery window

Although we encourage families to enter the annual lotteries  for the best chance of securing a seat for September of the upcoming school year, we accept magnet, pre-K 3 and pre-K 4 applications year-round.

For ASH, Montessori and TOAST, applications received outside the primary lottery window will be entered into an ongoing series of monthly lotteries.

For all other schools and programs (including Dual Language), applications received outside the primary lottery window are placed at the end of a waiting list in the order they are received. Please note that you cannot be on multiple waiting lists, so you will only be placed on the waiting list for your first choice. Please also note that sibling and/or neighborhood preference do not apply to Dual Language applicants on the waiting list.

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