Open Enrollment

Open enrollment is a school choice option through which parents/guardians can enroll their children in an elementary or middle school other than their neighborhood school. 

This process does not apply to magnet school options for elementary students.  

There are two ways to request a student's change of elementary school or middle school location. 

Additional information

The ability to use open enrollment depends on available space in the school you want your child to attend. Siblings of students already open-enrolled at a school will be given preference. However, open enrollment is not guaranteed. Open-enrolled students who live less than 1.5 miles from their school are not eligible for transportation.

Requests should be received by July 31 for first consideration in the upcoming school year. Requests received after July 31 will be placed on a waiting list.

The address on the Open Enrollment application must match the address currently on file with the district, or the request will be suspended until the student's address has been corrected via change of address with our Central Registration Office.