Female student smiling and sitting on Albany High's turf field.

Four unique academies. One great education.

Albany High has four academies, each with its own theme: Citizenship, Discovery, Leadership and Innovation. These physically smaller learning environments are designed to help students feel connected, involved and engaged. All four academies offer core courses and high expectations, while each academy is made unique by the electives it offers and the themes woven into the core curriculum. Students can take electives in different academies and the electives are equally available to all.

Citizenship Academy

Discovery Academy

Leadership Academy

Innovation Academy

All the academies offer the same core classes in English, math, science and social studies, and students generally take those courses in the academy to which they are assigned. 
Also, students have the opportunity to take Albany High’s acclaimed Advanced Placement courses in all four academies. All students also may take courses from the International Baccalaureate program offered in Citizenship Academy. 
Honors, Special Education classes and English as a New Language classes are available in every academy. While all students will be assigned to an academy, they also can take part in Abrookin Career and Technical Center programs. 
Classes in physical education, band, orchestra, chorus, art and health include students from all academies.