2020-21 academy lottery apps available now

Albany High Principal Jodi Commerford posing for a picture outside the school with a family

Applications are available for the lottery to determine placement in Albany High School’s four academies for the 2020-21 school year.    

You can download an information booklet and application here. 

Applications have been mailed out to eighth grade families as well, and will also be provided to eighth graders by their guidance counselors.

The Albany High lottery is open to all incoming freshmen and new students, as well as to current Albany High students wishing to change academies for next school year. Students need to submit a lottery application to increase their chances of entering the academy of their choice.

Each of Albany High's four unique academies has its own theme. Each offers electives specific to that theme, and the themes also are woven into the core curriculum. However, students also can take electives in different academies and the electives are equally available to all.

The lottery will include caps to help balance enrollment across the four academies. For each academy, the lottery will randomly select 175 students who listed that academy as their first choice on the application. Remaining seats available in that academy then will be randomly filled with students who selected it as their second, third or fourth choice.  
Questions about Albany High's academies? Please contact Vice Principal Roderick Gilmour III at (518) 475-6208 or rgilmour@albany.k12.ny.us.

Questions about the lottery? Please contact Kahla Kuchta at 475-6551 or kkuchta@albany.k12.ny.us.