Code of Conduct

Section I: Message from the Superintendent

The City School District of Albany’s Student Code of Conduct is a resource for everyone that has a role in helping our students succeed – students and their families, employees and community members.

The code describes expectations for student behavior and explains efforts to promote character-building and good conduct. It also defines and identifies consequences for unacceptable conduct. 

Our Student Code of Conduct is designed to help our students learn and grow, not just punish problematic behavior. The code also is designed to guide our employees toward a common understanding of standards and procedures that assure the safety of students and school personnel.

The code continues our focus on engaging parents and guardians as partners who support each student and share a desire to address disproportionate rates of school suspension for students of color and students with disabilities. Our school district remains committed to ending this disparity.

This year’s Student Code of Conduct is another step in our partnership toward successful outcomes for all students. We look forward to working with our families and our community partners to make these documents and processes clearer, more consistent and more supportive for every student.

I wish you all a productive and fulfilling school year!


Joseph Hochreiter
Superintendent of Schools