Code of Conduct

Section X: Student attendance

The Board of Education, in compliance with state education law, requires that students regularly attend school on a full-time basis from the first day of session in September of the school year in which they become six years of age.

Also in accordance with the state education law, the City School District of Albany encourages the enrollment of children who have turned five on or before December 1. Students must be enrolled through the last day of the school year in which they become sixteen years of age, unless they have completed a four-year high school course of study. Students may attend a school other than a public school or receive home instruction, provided the instruction is equivalent to that given in the public schools.

The Board of Education believes that regular attendance is a critical factor in student academic success. It is the district’s responsibility to work collaboratively with families to assist with identifying and removing barriers to regular attendance and to communicate to families the importance of regular attendance. The excused and unexcused absence list can be found in Board Policy #5100 Attendance or in the attendance manual for staff.