Emergency Responses

The nature of the emergency dictates which of the following protocols will be used. More than one protocol may be used during the course of the emergency.

Shelter in place icon

Shelter in Place

Students and staff are required to remain indoors because it’s safer inside than outside (such as during a tornado or other severe weather).

Hold in place icon

Hold in Place

Movement is limited when an internal incident arises (like a medical emergency or maintenance issue) to keep students and staff away from the affected area.

Evacuate icon


Students and staff are moved out of a building because it is safer outside than inside (as in the case of a fire, explosion or hazardous material spill).

Lockout icon


The school building is secured due to a safety concern outside, such as a police activity nearby or a rabid animal on the playground. Regular activities continue inside the school.

Lockdown icon


This occurs when an incident poses an immediate threat of violence in or around the school. Students and staff take cover, remaining silent and out of view.