Female student speaking with staff and police officer in front of a fire truck.

Safe Schools and Violence Prevention

About our department

Students need to feel safe in order to learn effectively. That is why the district uses school security officers at its secondary schools to ensure a safe and secure learning environment for students and staff.

Each school security officer must have a minimum of seven years' experience in law enforcement and a working knowledge of the criminal justice system, crisis intervention, conflict resolution, and crime prevention.

At least one officer is assigned at each high school and middle school. Their role includes:

  • Helping to provide a safe learning environment and workplace
  • Conducting security surveys
  • Overseeing investigations of incidents on school property involving district students, personnel, or property
  • Acting as a liaison with local police agencies

Vincent Thompson

Director of Safe Schools and Violence Prevention

Services and resources

At the beginning of each school year, all parents receive the district's Student Code of Conduct. It outlines what is expected of each and every student when in school, as well as the disciplinary action that is taken when a student does not behave appropriately. 

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Emergencies and violent incidents in schools nationwide are critical issues that must be addressed in an expeditious and effective manner. School districts are required to develop a District-Wide School Safety Plan designed to prevent or minimize the effects of serious violent incidents and emergencies, and to facilitate coordination with local agencies in the event of such incidents or emergencies.

The District-Wide School Safety Plan is responsive to the needs of all schools within the City School District of Albany.

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