Two students speaking to a hall monitor

Speak Up, Speak Out

If something doesn’t appear to be safe, 
speak up and speak out.

The City School District of Albany’s “Speak up, speak out” campaign encourages students, staff and community partners to be proactive about school safety.

The campaign seeks to empower students to notify a teacher or trusted adult if they know a student is hurting themselves (through unsafe behavior or substance abuse) or another person (through bullying or other violence).

Parents and guardians can help.

Talk to your child about the importance of letting an adult know if they see or hear something that makes them feel uncomfortable, nervous or frightened. Let your child know there is a difference between reporting something unsafe and tattling or gossiping.

Also, if your child reports a troubling act to you that occurred at school, contact your school principal and let him or her know.

We all play a role in school safety, and it is vital that we work together to cultivate and safe and secure community.