Extended School Year (ESY) Services

The Committee on Special Education (CSE) must determine whether a student requires Extended School Year (ESY) special education services in order to prevent substantial regression.  Decisions about ESY eligibility and programming are made at the student’s CSE annual review meeting where regression data is reviewed and considered. 

The program is offered 4 hours a day over 6 weeks (30 days) during the months of July and August, and includes both breakfast and lunch. The building location may vary and is determined on an annual basis.

Related services

Related Services may include Occupational Therapy (OT) , Physical Therapy (PT), Speech Language Therapy, Social Work Counseling (SW) and Nursing Services.  The frequency of recommended services may not be the same as those provided during the school year, as extended school year services are intended to support students in maintaining specific skills already taught during the regular school year. Students may receive related services individually, in small group ratios or through a consultation.

Special classes

Special classes offer a variety of staffing depending on the intensity of a students academic and/or management needs. Special class sizes may range from 6 to 15 students and staffing would include 1 special education teacher and up to 4 teaching assistants.  Each student's educational needs are unique; thus, specially designed instruction and related services may vary greatly between students.

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