Feeder Alignment Committee

The City School District of Albany has formed a Feeder Alignment Committee of parents and guardians from each district school to work in partnership with district staff to develop criteria and make recommendations for an equitable feeder pattern for all students transitioning from elementary (PK -5) to middle school (grades 6-8).

The district has been working toward this goal in partnership with our community for many years, from both programmatic and facilities perspectives. We are currently engaged in the capital project that will equip North Albany Middle School with school facilities that are on par with our existing middle schools – Stephen and Harriet Myers Middle School, and William S. Hackett Middle School. The work of the Feeder Alignment Committee will be essential in moving the district forward on the critical piece of developing an equitable enrollment pattern for all three middle schools. 

Recordings and resources

Committee members


We welcome input and questions from all community stakeholders throughout this process. Please use the form below to send in your comments and questions.