Technology Innovation

The Technology Innovation department of this division provides strategic and tactical planning, development, evaluation, coordination, and maintenance of information technology systems, network security and integrity and related WAN infrastructure throughout the district.

The Technology Innovation department ensures stability and quality of technology support operations including management of workstations and end-user devices, Internet connectivity and filtering, VoIP services, equipment repair, audio visual needs and technical direction and support for district and school initiatives. This work all takes place in the context of matters relating to instructional design shifts (blended learning models, flipped classroom, etc.) afforded by technology integration.

The overall strategic direction and concrete actions steps that guide us toward actualizing our goals can be found in our Instructional Technology Plan

Integration Strategy

We envision a technology-rich environment that will develop a full range of digital literacy skills for all students and staff that support achievement of high performance standards. These skills also empower students and teachers to use technology to extend learning beyond the confines of time, physical spaces and language or intellectual barriers in order to access resources, collaborate with other learners, and present the products of their learning experiences as participants in a broader, connected learning community.

Elevating the role of technology in the classroom from that of supplement to a core teaching component requires a shift in instructional practices. Such a transition requires centralized, structured teacher support and access to the technology and necessary training. Professional development is the formal means through which we promote the continuous learning and improvement among educators and educational leaders tp purely integrate technology into instructional design and delivery.

Our instructional technology coaches play the most prominent role in this work, and lead the way in pursuit of all goals.