Learning Technology Grant Project

The City School District of Albany has been awarded a Learning Technology Grant (LTG) through a New York State Education Department funding opportunity. The grant cycle runs for three (3) years, from July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2024. Each year of the grant affords the district $100,000 per annum.

The intent of the grant, according to the application process, is "To develop, implement, and share innovative programs that utilize learning technologies to personalize learning and/or increase access to high-quality, rigorous learning experiences (such as through online, distance, or blended learning), as well as professional development programs to assist teachers and educational leaders in effectively utilizing learning technology to enhance teaching and learning."

Grant Project Overview

Our project focuses on developing a guidebook on e-learning instructional design principles and training staff to design online learning curricula. These activities will allow the district to implement a Learning Management System (LMS) to afford students the opportunity to take credit bearing courses fully online.

Year one of this project will move the district forward for the benefit of all, serving the district mission to engage every learner in a robust educational program designed to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for success. An instructional design workgroup will be formed to lead the overall development of principles and expectations for online learning in the district. A cohort of teachers will be trained through a professional development program developed through the grant, under the leadership of the district's e-Learning Coordinator.

The Albany Online e-learning coordinator will manage all activities of this three-year project plan and will be a member of the district’s instructional technology coaching team. A critical first step for the e-Learning Coordinator is to convene the e-learning instructional design work group to develop e-learning instructional design principles, create an e-Learning guidebook and train staff to design curriculum using these concepts. This group will also research, review, acquire, and implement a learning management system (LMS) to facilitate the shift to online learning opportunities.

In years two and three, a cohort of teachers will be trained using professional development created as a part of the program and will include 100% of Albany High School Night School teachers and administrators and 10% of Albany High School teachers and administrators. Online classes will be piloted using the selected LMS and curricula developed by staff for a minimum of four Albany High School classes at Night School (and other early adopter high school classes).

Read the complete project overview here. (https://www.albany.k12.ny.us/portals/0/documents/LTG_program_overview.pdf)